For Parents

Children's Literacy Services:

The Dyer Library offers three storytime programs for infants up to
age 5. Our "Story Time" programs stand alone as a testament to the library's philosophy:

1. The love of books begins at birth.
2. Learning to read begins with various listening activities long before exposure to the written word.

Our Objectives Are:

1. To provide opportunity for babies birth through preschool age to experience activities with the spoken word.

2. To provide opportunity for parents/caregivers to share these activities with children.

3. To provide a social setting in which parents/caregivers may share friendship and ideas.

4. To create an atmosphere for everyone's enjoyment of story time activities.
Parents and caregivers who attend these programs are committed to these standards.
These programs connect the parent to their infant through storytelling and words.
For additional information on programs, contact Children's Program Coordinator, Laura Vickery at 283-3861 x107