Special Collections

  • Printed Genealogies of Local Families
  • Historical Societies Publications from Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Essex Institute Historical Collections
  • Saco City Directory
  • Biddeford City Directory
  • Maine Civil War Regimental Histories
  • 19th and 20th Century Local Newspapers
  • Historic Maps
  • Saco Architectural and Historical Inventory
  • Saco Historic Homes MS25
  • Vital Statistics
  • Town Meeting Reports
  • City Council Reports
  • School Reports
  • Elections Reports
  • Militia Records
  • 14-Volume Series of Guides to Reports
  • Buildings
  • Personages
  • Work Activities
  • Cultural Activities
  • Postcards
  • Aerial views
manuscript collections
  • MS1 Ordway—Putnam, Shannon Collection
  • MS2 Bellamy Family Papers
  • MS3 Calef Family Papers
  • MS4 Cutts Family Papers
  • MS5 John Fairfield Diaries
  • MS6 John Lockes—McArthur Family Papers
  • MS7 Almira Locke McArthur Collection
  • NS8 Moulton Collecction
  • MS9 Nye Family Collection
  • MS10 Col. Richard Shannon Papers
  • MS11 Simpson Family Papers
  • MS12 Thomas Thornton Papers
  • MS13 Tristram Jordan Papers
  • MS14 Stephen Gowen Collection
  • MS17 Daniel Cleaves Papers
  • MS18 John Haley Papers
  • MS20Annie Katharine Deering Papers
  • MS21 Lucinda and Georgianna Allen Family Papers
  • MS22 Henry Owen Collection
  • MS23 Daniel Moore Owen Collection
  • MS27 Joseph G. Deering Family Papers
  • MS29 Davis and Deeing Collection
  • MS30 Irvin and Perkins Collections
  • MS32 Morre Papers
  • MS34 Luther Moore Collection
  • MS35 Thurston Mill Collection
  • MS36 Irving Jesse Gay Collection
  • MS37 Merritt Jesse Gay Collection
  • MS40 Scammon Collection
  • MS41 Ila W. Russell Papers
  • MS42 Chapin Family Collection
  • MS43 Alton Moss Seavey Collecction
  • MS44 Elvira J. Lord Papers
  • MS44A Josephine Towne Libby Papers
  • MS46 William Ashton Collection
  • MS47 Cole Family Diaries
  • MS52 Atkinson Papers)
  • MS56 Maude Bradbury Papers
  • MS57 Clinton Milliken Collection
  • BR 16 Saco Rebekah Lodge
  • BR26 Saco Provident Association
  • BR28 Owens Davis American Legion Post #96
  • BR31 Women's Relief Corp.—Fred S. Gurney #94
  • BR38 Evangeline Rebekah Lodge #7
  • BR39 Saco Industrial Corp.
  • BR45 Poetry Fellowship
  • BR49 Saco Tannery
  • BR54 Deering Lumber
  • Saco-Biddeford Women's and Professional Business Club
  • Saco Reform Club
  • CHR24 Baptist Church of Biddeford
repository for museum archives
  • MMS51 Gibeon Elden Bradbury Family Papers
  • MMS19Adelaide Haley Papers
  • MMS55 Elvira M. Lord Collectoin (Saco Museum Archives