Board of Trustees

President: Rosemary Kane Kirby, term expires 2025
Vice President: Andrew Taranko, term expires 2024
Treasurer: Stephen Shiman, term expires 2026
Secretary: Angela Coulombe, term expires 2026

Mary Thompson,term expires 2025
Linsey Pilon, term expires 2025
Micah Smart, term expires 2025
Sherry Brown, term expires 2026
Stephen Huot, term expires 2026
Julie Smyth, term expires 2026

John Bohenko, City Administrator
Tricia Huot, City Council Liaison (non-voting)

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Dyer Library and Saco Museum Spacer

Get Involved

We are always looking for community members to serve on our board or committees.

Serving on the Board of Trustees is a three year term of service, with meetings that typically take place the third Wednesday evening of each month.

Questions for the board? Email for more information.

Dyer Library and Saco Museum Spacer
Dyer Library and Saco Museum Spacer

Not sure you’re ready to join? Join a committee to get involved.

The Fundraising Committee oversees the fundraising strategy of Dyer Library/Saco Museum including supporting annual and special events, long range development planning, and building support for Library and/or Museum initiatives.

The Collections Committee provides a community viewpoint for acquisitions and deaccessions; advocates to ensure collections are properly conserved, preserved, secured and, when necessary, restored; ensures accessibility of the collections to researchers; encourages loans of collection items for exhibitions and educational opportunities; cultivates private individuals and businesses for future donations and bequests; identifies objects for possible acquisition/donation; and aids the Board of Trustees in understanding proper stewardship of the cultural resources under their care.

The Marketing Committee facilitates the baseline avenues of marketing currently used, recommends new avenues for marketing information to various groups, assists in gathering data to make decisions on best methods for marketing, and review data and report to the board findings and recommendations.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee periodically evaluates buildings and grounds; recommends improvement and repairs; guides facilities planning; documents renovations for the institutional archives, and supports staff with professional experience and knowledge.

Questions for the board? Email for more information.